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Child Mental Health

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Child Mental Health affects around one in ten children and young people, rising to one in five in young adults. Yet only 25% of school-aged children with a diagnosable condition receive any intervention at all, despite most parents of these children seeking professional advice. This session will investigate different support strategies that children, who are at risk of suffering a mental health condition(s) can do to support these children. This session will have the most up to date research and intervention strategies that can be taken straight from this course and use back in school the very next day!

This session will be useful for all staff (mental health leads, primary, secondary and further education professionals) work with children that have autism or anxiety related problems. Suitable for teachers, teaching assistants, pastoral staff and any staff that work with vulnerable children and young people.

What the Course will offer:
  • The most common mental health conditions, symptoms and signs in children and young people
  • What can we do as professional to support children with mental health issues in our own setting?
  • Real life examples of children that have had different conditions of mental health difficulties and the outcomes
  • Strategies to help children suffering with mental health issues and look into next steps and signposting
  • Confidence to deal with children that are dealing with a range of mental health issues and how to write safety plans for a range of conditions (this is explored in the full day training only)
What are people saying about this training?
“I attended the short version of this training and found that I really want more and wished we had booked the full day! It’s so interesting to hear all about children with mental health issues and to understand what the triggers are and what you can do.”

Secondary Teacher, Knowsley
“I loved the ‘safety plans’ and found that these are a ‘god send’ in our school to use to as a starting part for our most vulnerable and ‘at risk’ pupils. I really like how much detail you go into about each different mental health condition and how as a school you can put support packages in place. I would recommend all mental health leads and pastoral staff to attend the full day version of this training!”

Pastoral Lead, Wigan

For those settings that would like to gain the MHFA (Mental Health First Aid England) Child Mental Health First Aider Training would like to see our partner Organisation that will be offering courses in this from December 2020.

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