Big Blocks Therapy Home Starter Kit

Kits & Resources for families with children with autism

Example of a complete Big Block Therapy kit contents (These photos are for demonstration purposes only)

Big Block Therapy Home Starter Kit

Price: £75 + VAT (free shipping)

Bricks can be a choking hazard and parents and carers must always supervise children when doing this!

New: The Big Blocks therapy kit is designed for children in the early years or for individuals with complex needs and cannot (for whatever reason) use the normal ‘Block Therapy kit’ and need the bigger bricks that this kit has.

Children who have communication difficulties and struggle using the correct vocabulary to communicate with others can use the communication worksheets that are provided within this pack. They contain visual aids to remind or prompt children when using the blocks to make the models. The adult can point to the communication pictures on the worksheets provided to help the individual to take part in the activity or they can use the visuals to remind them of the vocabulary needed.

Block Therapy Starter Kit Contains:
  • 4 Block Therapy kits (non-branded Duplo) with laminated visual instructions
  • 1 Duplo branded Kit
  • Worksheets and instructions to support your interventions      
  • 1 box of multi-coloured big blocks (16 approx.)
  • 3 animals & 4 figures (big block compatible)
  • Make a face pack (stickers of eyes & mouth with small bricks to make faces) (stage 1 activity)
  • A plastic mini building box (Velcro dots and kit pictures to use when building)
  • Build a tower pack (stage 1 activity)
Each kit contains non-branded Lego/block as its far cheaper and therefore can be more cost-effective for families and schools to purchase. There is no denying that Lego/block is a better brand of bricks to build with but Lego/block Therapy can work just as well with cheaper brands.

Read our Block Therapy Home Starter Kit Guide for more information

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