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Autism & Anxiety 

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This session will help you in your ability and confidence to support pupils with that have Autism but also suffer with Anxiety related issues within the class. 40% of children with autism are more likely to suffer with autism yet a lot of the traditional approaches to support children with anxiety are not designed to autism friendly. How can children with autism and anxiety get the right help to boost their resilience and cope with the demands of the classroom

This session will be useful for all staff (mental health leads, primary, secondary and further education professionals) work with children that have autism or anxiety related problems. Suitable for teachers, teaching assistants, pastoral staff and community organisations that support children on the autistic spectrum.

What the Course will cover: 
  • The different types of anxiety and how it presents in children with autism 
  • Causes of anxiety for children with autism and how this can differ to ‘typical’ children
  • Pathological demand avoidance (PDA) and the ‘anxieties’ related specially to control and how careful wording and communication with children can help develop good relationships 
  • Support strategies to implement to help children with PDA and autism that can evolve alongside the child’s development and age
What people say that have been on this training
“Wow! I loved the section on PDA – it was such an eye opener for me as I have been struggling with a child in my class for such a long time and couldn’t quite put my finger on why they were behaving this way. I really do have ‘hope’ now and what strategies I can use to support this child. Thank you so much Emma!”

Teacher from a specialist setting, Chorley
“Thank you for giving me ideas on what I can do with the child I support – it finally makes sense and I can see why the child I support is so frustrated!’

One-to-one support Teaching assistant, Preston
“I loved your stories of children you have worked with Emma – it really puts into perspective the amount of different ways that you can support children that suffer with both anxiety and autism! I highly recommend this course for anyone that supports a child on the autistic spectrum!”

Mainstream Teacher, Liverpool

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