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Have you ever wanted to write a social story for a child with autism or an individual with learning difficulties and not known how to write it? This is a practical training course that equips delegates not only with knowledge to write a social story but also the opportunities to write your own social story using the support and guidance of the trainer.

Using the brilliance of Carol Gray ‘Social Stories’ framework and it has been adapted to use within the UK setting. Once you have the understanding of how to write a social story using the carol’s Gray’s specific techniques and rules you can write different ‘social stories’ that can suit a wide range of situations and people.

What will this course offer?
  • An introduction and an ‘in-depth’ look into the theory and evidenced based research into Social Stories by Carol Gray
  • Real Life examples of Social Stories and how to adapt these stories to meet individuals needs and situations
  • Opportunities to write your own version of social stories that can be used in your setting
  • A pack of support to take away with you of strategies and ideas on social stories 
What people say about this training
“I needed a training package on social stories that explained in ‘simple terms’ how to write social stories for my staff to write and develop their own. I have had ‘social stories’ training before and felt disappointed so this training, delivered by Emma Griffiths was just what we needed! We had the opportunity as staff teams to write our own ‘social stories’ and had the guidance from our trainer! It was to the point and highly informative. As a busy primary school we need training to be engaging but also delivered by people that have ‘real life knowledge of autism and social stories."

Headteacher of Primary School, St. Helens

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