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Lego Therapy Notice

Currently the facilitator Accredited Lego Therapy face-to-face training has been suspended due to the COVID19 pandemic and this hopefully will return in 2021 so please look out on this website for updates regarding this training.

However at NW Autism & SEND, we are now taking bookings for our new Online Lego Therapy Training which has more information below.

What is it?

Lego-based Therapy training is delivered online by our associate, Graham Ramsey (Lego-based Therapy Practitioner certified by Bricks for Autism) via TEAMS or Zoom, depending on the size of the group.  It gives you the key knowledge, skills, structure, and resources to effectively run Lego-based therapy sessions with young people. This training has been written by Emma Griffiths – an Autism Consultant and Director of NW Autism & SEND and is becoming the new breakout training that is becoming increasingly popular for both staff that work with children with neurodiverse related conditions and parents of these children.

Lego Therapy was originally designed for autistic children with social and communication skills, it has been found to be beneficial to a much wider variety of young people with similar challenges.  The online one day course offers a safe and timely alternative, at a reduced cost.  It includes:

Learning Outcomes

  • Awareness of Autism and the theory behind the structured approach
  • Theory of Lego Therapy and how this can be applied to intervention
  • How to assess children to level of competency of Lego therapy
  • Practicalities of setting up and maintaining this intervention
  • How to use Lego therapy to support vulnerable children with more complex issues
  • Practical exercises to carry out with the trainer throughout the course, which is FUN FUN FUN!

What do you get?

  • Online small interactive session (approx. 3-8 delegates currently via TEAMS) with a qualified trainer & SEND teacher
  • Resources delivered to your address: used during the training and yours to keep for future sessions (Lego-style starter kits valued at £100 each!)
  • Certified by NW Autism & SEND, a CPD provider using highly specialised and experienced teachers
  • Emailed a wealth of online resources for you to edit according to your setting’s needs
  • A certificate to confirmed you have attended the training
Starter Kit Package


The total cost is £200 per individual delegate!
SPECIAL OFFER: £100 for a second delegate from the same venue (sharing one starter kit).  

Please book as early as you can so we can ensure that you get your Lego Therapy kit before the training day arrives. You receive a certificate from NW Autism and SEND, in addition to this starter kit, and an optional future consultation with NW Autism and SEND.

Group bookings, for example in a school, can be arranged for dates to fit in with your venue.  We also offer the option of splitting the day into two twilight sessions.

The day rate for group bookings is £700 for up to 9 participants (3 starter kits supplied).


Open/public sessions are generally planned once a month:

  • 9th November 2020
  • 8th December 2020
  • 12th January 2021

All  days training is 9:30-3:00pm online

What are people saying about this training?

'I would like to thank Graham and Emma for an outstanding course. It gave a good base understanding of Autism before cleverly and creatively introducing Lego Therapy.

I specifically enjoyed attempting building a Lego set in our online group, it gave an interesting perspective of the potential difficulties faced by children with autism including communicating and awareness of surroundings and others specific needs.”

Holly Durack, LSA from Kent.

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