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From October 2021, we will be providing a multi-disciplinary assessment of ASC, ADHD and other conditions for children between 6-18 years of age. It is for children who may have not been referred yet and or just concerned about your child's learning/well-being. We currently have no waiting list and are taking bookings for initial consultations from 4/10/21 and have availability.

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What is the process?

The process begins with us taking some basic information from you - the parent/carer. We will discuss the consultation process with you and what this entails and what it can lead to. If you wish to proceed with the Initial consultation we will book this appointment. 

The initial consultation typically takes sixty minutes long. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and yours and your child’s journey so far. A neurodevelopmental history will be taken with you and then a report prepared. This report will recommend what assessment (if any) your child will need. This can include – Autism, ADHD, Sensory difficulties, and PDA (pathological demand avoidance). Once you receive the report and wish to continue with the relevant assessments, we will get them booked in. These can typically take sixty to ninety minutes. 

Who is involved in this multi-disciplinary process? 

As part of the Nice guidelines the multidisciplinary team need to be trained and experienced in the diagnosis of autism.

  • Dr Shilpi Sharma has a doctorate in Psychology and is currently a lead clinician in autism assessments for the NHS
  • Mrs Emma Griffiths Bsc (Hons) Med in Autism, an Autism Specialist teacher and Local Authority advisor 

Why choose NW Autism & SEND for the assessment pathway?

Other private companies may focus on getting you the correct diagnosis and then do not give the post diagnosis support you and your family need. The team at NW autism & SEND have a vast experience in how to support children with autism and can use the information gathered by Dr Shilpi and put this into meaningful recommendations for the family and the school to follow. We are unique in the way we combine clinical expertise in identifying the strengths and weaknesses with the professional expertise of a specialist teacher who can recommend how the school or service can adapt to meet your child’ needs. By having the combination of services, we can equip families with the support and provide advice for the setting the child is in to follow.

Is private diagnosis recognised for the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and other sectors?

To address the queries about whether a private Autism diagnosis is recognised, The SEND Code of Practice (2015) is quite clear; all advice covers the relevant education, health and care needs of the child or young person, as well as the views, wishes and feelings of the parent. There is no basis in law for the Local Authority to reject a professional report simply because it was privately obtained. 

Further advice from Nice Website

Assessment and diagnosis of autism: what to expect

What is the cost?

Initial consultation: As this is a new service we are offering; we will be doing the consultations in October and assessments in November.

The introductory price for the consultation will be £250.

Please note at this stage this is not an official diagnostic assessment.

Next steps (after initial consultation)

When the assessments are completed, a full report will be written. We will also include an education plan for your child’s school to use to support them with their diagnosis.

Full assessment: £1600 (November costs only - normal price: £1850)
We have knocked off the cost of the initial consultation from this cost.

Book a consultation

If you would like to proceed and book the initial consultation, can you please fill in the form below. We will send out an invoice for £250, after this is paid, we will give you an option to book an appointment from the 4/10/21. 

Further information about this training is available please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth paying for a private diagnosis?

The waiting list for the NHS currently can mean that you can not afford to wait for a diagnosis. We aim to have the assessment and diagnosis completed within six weeks. This enables your child to have the diagnosis they need to make plans at school.

How do I apply for a private diagnosis?

We ask that you complete an application form. This enables us to start to gather the relevant information in order to diagnose your child. We will then confirm to you the cost of the assessments you have requested.

Is the diagnostic process different for a private service compared to an NHS assessment?

With an NHS diagnosis you must wait for a GP referral. With a private diagnosis you can self-refer. All diagnostic tools are the same.

What is the process?

We will ask that you complete an application form and send us any documents you have pertaining to your child e.g. doctor or school. We will ask for contact details for your child’s teacher if relevant and ask that teacher to complete a school screener. 

Once we have determined what assessments you require, an invoice will be sent to you. When payment has been received, we will book the appointments for the assessments. The assessment takes approximately an hour and is done online. When this has been done, we will then do your diagnosis and compile a report. We will send you the report and have a feedback call with you to discuss this.

Are private diagnoses recognised?

To address the queries about whether a private Autism diagnosis is recognised, The SEND Code of Practice (2015) is quite clear; all advice covers the relevant education, health and care needs of the child or young person, as well as the views, wishes and feelings of the parent. There is no basis in law for the Local Authority to reject a professional report simply because it was privately obtained.

We recommend that you contact your local authority before you go ahead to make certain.

Is a EHC plan the same as a diagnosis?

An Education and Health care plan is a legal document that can be obtained from your local authority. You can send the diagnosis and educational report we provide to your local authority to help you gain an education and health care plan. 

Can I be prescribed medication from a private assessment?

Our assessments can only indicate the nature and extent of difficulties in a child and suggest s treatment strategies at home and school, but medications would be up to a psychiatrist's judgement and discretion. You are welcome to take the very detailed and scientifically reliable reports we will provide to a psychiatrist to prescribe based on that, but we do not refer for this service. 

What happens after a diagnosis?

We will prepare a report for you that includes the diagnosis and an educational plan. This will be provided to you in a report as well as some referrals to CBT online teaching. 

We will also book a feedback call to fully go through everything with you. 

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Terms & Conditions

  • Normal Allocation: All courses will be filled on a first come first served basis, unless otherwise specified. Once a course is full a reserve list will be kept and any places becoming available will be offered to the reserve list in the order of when NW Autism & SEND Consultancy were notified of interest.
  • Confirmed bookings: No bookings will be accepted without a completed booking form being returned and received by NW Autism & SEND Consultancy and where applicable, with accompanying payment. Bookings will only be confirmed at the point the delegate received written confirmation that they have been allocated a placed on a specified training course.
  • Bookings by an organisation: An organisation booking on training courses on behalf of their employees/volunteers is responsible for ensuring nominated individuals are aware of these terms and conditions and that no places are guaranteed until a booking is confirmed in writing, as per ‘Confirmed bookings’ above.


Bookings are only confirmed on full payment. Payment can be made via bank transfer or by cheque.

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Cancellation by NW Autism & SEND Consultancy  

  • In the event of NW Autism & SEND Consultancy having to cancel a training course, all delegates will receive confirmation in writing and a full refund.

Cancellation by a delegate of delegate’s organisation

In the event of a delegate or their organisation cancelling a training course the following will apply:

  • All cancellations must be in writing
  • You should try and give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel a booking
  • Cancellation changes are as fellows per person
  • At least 30 days’ notice before the date of the course: 10% of the total cost
  • At least 20 days’ notice before the date of the course: 50% of the total close
  • 19 days’ notice or less before the date of the course: no refund given

(Where a delegate can be substituted for another delegate from the same organisation cancellation charged may not apply).

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